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Location: Bachka Palenka
Arhiprezbiterat: Back
Dean: Bac

Parish is very ancient and is mentioned 1237th under the name of Pest, was re-founded in 1755. Mladenova of the territory, and operated from Ilok. The church was built in 1787., Inside thoroughly renovated in 1925. and the 1966th, and the outside in 1927. and 1967. Addressee Church is: the Immaculate Conception of Mary BD. Dimensions of the church are: length 33 m, width 15 meters, a height over 11 meters high tower is 32 m. There are five bells of which the maximum 1080 kg, a minimum of 30 kg. Registers of the water from 1755. yr. On the territory of the parish is vikarija Stara Palanka, which has its Bogomolje since 1927. yr. and the subject is in honor of St.. Anthony of Padua. This facility is 1959. thoroughly renovated. Palanka new branch was established in 1920. and had its own church in tough neogotskom style, but in II. World War II the church to the ground knocked out. Sacred Heart Chapel was erected on Calvary 1814th, expanded in 1844. renovated in 1896. and 1903. Chapel of St.. Deadline at the cemetery was built in 1889.
The upper data are from 1968. year.
Worship is the language: Croatian, Hungarian, German.
Number of people: ~ 3000

Pastor: Gašparovsky František
Place of birth: Bač
Date of birth: 23.01.1977
Place of Ordination: Subotica
Date of ordination: 29.06.200
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Immaculate Conception Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary is currently under reconstruction. This does not prevent service. Currently you can see the two collections of pictures in the gallery of the church.

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